Professionals & Business Owners

Personal Coaching on the use of computer applications is an essential investment for the busy professional – lawyer, doctor, psychologist, architect, accountant, script writer as well as for owners of small and medium size businesses, such as travel agent, estate agent, shop-owner, etc. Lessons are designed to teach the busy executive to undertake such tasks as draft documents, create tables, change/update versions of existing formats, compile audio/visual presentations, work extensively with pictures and use a wide variety of computer applications to manage his/her business.
The Coaching will enhance the computerized business environment and customer relations services by improving efficiency in filing systems, correspondence, managing inventory and creation of complex documents.

Managing a business requires both basic and advanced Office skills to implement administrative tasks at the workplace. The personalized coaching service can cater both to beginners with no or very little computer skills as well as to key position holders with varying advanced levels of computer literacy. In addition, organizations often encounter the need for ad hoc solutions to projects that may arise in their, but which do not require a comprehensive course (e.g. mail merging, setting up a table of contents,  video editing, sound editing, etc.).

Professional training is provided designed to improve the client’s knowledge with the objective of reducing and eventually eliminating his/her dependency on outsourcing IT personnel.

Training implementation will be determined in conjunction with the client, is undertaken at the client’s premises and practice of the new skills can be done as part of the client’s daily work routine at the workstation.

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