Individuals from any age

The computer and the internet are especially empowering tools for senior citizens and pensioners. Access to the internet often provides a renewed sense of personal development and vitality. From the social point of view, the computer provides a tool for seniors to keep in touch with family members both in Israel and abroad from the exchange of photographs, on-line conversations (e.g. skype), and general sharing of ideas and experiences.

Emotionally, it helps to bolster the feeling of self-esteem and adaptability. Computers also have a functional advantage as they often sharpen one's memory, improve one's coordination and thought processes.

Individuals with spare time on their hands, coupled with the desire to be part of the growing technological world can explore new horizons and find increasingly new avenues for self expression by:

  1. Finding play mates for such interactive activities as chess, bridge, gin, scrabble, etc.
  2. Composing e-mails to keeping in contact with friends and relatives.
  3. Learning how to use the internet for knowledge research, general information, news from around the world, special items of interest, etc.
  4. Use of the internet as a tool for personalized planning, from holiday trips, to ticket bookings, to on-line health information, banking data or virtual tours (e.g. museums).
  5. Creating personal projects such as e-photo albums, greeting cards, family trees, etc.
  6. Expressing artistic abilities
  7. Contributing to the community through membership in forums such as Ezra List, Raanana List, etc.

The Coaching sessions will be determined together with the client and will take place on the client's personal computer in their own home or location of choice.

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